24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 24 weeks pregnant m having very much vaginal pain n lots of pressure in my vaginal area... is there anything to worry plz reply..

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Answer: I am also suffering from same condition but the pain is mild in vaginal area and sometimes feel pressure on vagina. Sometimes it seems my cervix is swollen while it is normal other time. Is it normal?
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Question: There is some kind of burning sensation in my vaginal area. Is there anything to worry?
Answer: You should consult your doctor immediately it may be uti
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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant n my baby is going downwards. Feeling exvessive pressure on pelvic and vaginal area.. M very much worried about it. Plz help
Answer: As days go by the baby will move down . U will feel some pressure for. Below which is very common don't worry don't stress and wait for the little one
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Question: Hiii I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I'm feeling too much vaginal pain and lots of pressure in my abdominal region ??
Answer: Your baby comes down.. It's time to be prepare for baby.. Anytime you can have labour now
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Question: hello today i got a jerk while standing in toilet.. n in result of tht having some kind of pain in vaginal area and anal area feel some kind of discmfort too.. is there is anything to worry about..
Answer: HI, it does not sound to be something to worry about.if you feel any abnormal symptoms or anything out of ordinary, then consult a doctor just to be safe.the pain if persists for long or if it gets more severe, then consult your doctor.
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