27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 24 weeks pregnant. From last 2 days i m feeling more than normal movement of my foetus...is this normal??

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Answer: Hi dear,don't worry it's normal
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Question: I m 29 weeks pregnant. I m feeling less movement of baby from last 2 days. Why is to so?
Answer: Drink any thing cold or eat sweets and lie down on the bed on ur side and then check the movement of baby if u get enough kicks ur baby is absolutely alright. Sometimes baby sleeps so don't move much
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Question: I m almost 8 months last stage pregnant..from last 2 days i m feeling less movement of my baby...is this normal?
Answer: Hello, Dera babies also have lazy and active days just like us. So it's completely normal if you feel less movement. It will be for a day and two and will be fine soon. So don't worry at all..
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Question: i m 26 weeks pregnant ...m feeling my baby's movement from 24th week...bt from 2-3 days m feeling less movements of my baby rather than normal days...is it ok or i should go for a checkup?
Answer: It is OK very normal if it occurs in coming weeks than consult doctor..Well I hope it is normal
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