8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 2 nd month pregnant.. Can I move vit my hubby..it s k or problem??

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Answer: Hello! If you are asking about sex, then please avoid it in the first trimester as it is high risk period. But once you are in the second trimester and if there are no complications you can have sex. Also oral sex is safe through out the pregnancy. Take care
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Question: M pregnent.its my frst month nd frst pregnancy..can i have sex wid my hubby
Answer: hi , you should be safe to have sex in early pregnancy days unless there is something wrong, like abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding, or a history of miscarriages. So take it as you feel comfortable and listen to your body. There shouldnt be any problem in having sex during the early periods of pregnancy
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Question: Can i take vit c and vit e tablet ,as i m pure vegetarian,i m 21week pregnant
Answer: I don't think so that you should go with tablets rather you should eat vit c and vit e rich food like orange, almonds, broccoli, green leafy vegetables... Eat healthy and ultimately provide healthy food to your baby.☺ I am also vegetarian and I followed the same during my pregnancy.
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Question: Is mutton s good or not now i m 2 nd month pregnant
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can have mutton. However, avoid eatting raw or undercooked meats while you're pregnant. Make sure that all meat is well cooked. This is because the risk of food poisoning is higher in pregnant women. Take care.
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