19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 19 weeks preg..from the starting of my pregnancy i m getting angry on small issues...and taking stress and crying...how does this effect my baby??does bp get fluctuated due to this...?whenever i get angry and scream i get pain in my tummy..is it k?

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Answer: Hi dear...Don't take too much stress in pregnancy as it can get U preterm delivery....so, try to be happy and have a healthy diet...make some hobbies at home and try to spend lots of time in it... will divert Ur mind and this way stress can be avoided.take care
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Question: M getting angry for silly things and feeling like crying? It will effect my baby?
Answer: It is very natural during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the discomfort. Start meditating. It will help you. Read books. Keep yourself busy. Be happy. Don't stress over little things.
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Question: I m 9 weeks preg...m very stressed these days due to personal issues...in what way does it affect baby if I take stress ,cry and scream...m really worried..help me...does it affect baby
Answer: Hey lovely sister whatever we feel during pregnancy has an impact on the child as well. A happy mom means a happy n healthy baby. I understand that personal issues might be pressing enough for you to feel stress. But just think about the little baby who is totally dependent upon you... He or she can't even exist at the moment without you. And everybody else can exist on their own. You can try isha kriya meditation available on you tube. It is simple meditation. Takes 12 to 18 minutes but it is very very effective. Please give it a try it will give you some peace. Have a happy n healthy pregnancy.
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Question: I m 19 weeks preg...whenever I sneeze and cough i hold my tummy ...does pressing my tummy affect the baby??
Answer: Heyy I used to do the same...it's alright to hold the tummy for support.no issues.
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