14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 14 weeks pregnant now.can I start speaking with my child

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Answer: Hello dear yes you can definitely start to talk to a baby whenever you want this will create a bond in between you and your baby from now
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Question: When will my child start speaking
Answer: Your baby should speak at least few words by now, if baby is already speaking few words then interact more with your baby so that baby could learn more words, also take baby with other babies . But if baby is not even uttering a single word by now then take your baby for check up.
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Question: When a child start speaking
Answer: Some babies start speaking single words like mama pappa and all by their frst year but some others may talk only at the age of 2or 3
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Question: I'm 14 weeks pregnant now.can I give light massage (lightly touching my womb) to my baby while speaking with my baby
Answer: Yes dear rubbing stomach softly while talking to baby is absolutely fine and safe don't worry..
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