12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 12 weeks pregnant but sometimes no symptoms it is normal???

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Answer: Hi dear first of all congratulations as you have mentioned that you do not feel symptoms at times but you have not mentioned what kind of symptoms at your looking for AC during 12 weeks of pregnancy there is not much of a symptom which is visible like if you are referring to baby movements then it doesn't felt before 19 to 25 weeks if you are referring to nausea vomiting or lightheadedness it is not common for everyone so it may not happened to you so that is also fine and if you are referring to your baby bump then also it starts growing around 4.5 to 6 months of pregnancy, send it will be better if you can specify the symptoms that you are looking for or you are not feeling sometimes so that we can help you accordingly.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hello dear, usually the symptoms like nausea reduce after the 3 month.. it's completely normal.. this is the best phase of pregnancy upto 7 months.. don't worry, enjoy the phase and make good use of the time.😊
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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy symptoms are not common to every woman it depends on your body nature habits and many other factors you need not worry about it good luck
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