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Question: I m 12 weeks pregent nd thrice a time we maintain relation in a week....is it risky ..

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Answer: hi if you have a healthy pregnancy then it should not be a problem but to be on the safer side it is advisable to consult to the doctor if you have a healthy pregnancy and if doctor has also says that there is no problem then there is nothing to worry because the strong wall of uterus and then it is true it will help to protect the baby is so do not worry the baby will not be getting any harm
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Question: I m 11 week pregent... Todays i hav mild pain in abdome... is it not risky
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy,mild abdomen pain is normal,it is due to stretching of muscles,if you have severe pain in abdomen ,please consult doctor
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Question: I have 12 week pragnency. can we make relation ? is safe to make relation ?
Answer: Hello Dear It is completely safe for a woman to continue having sex throughout her pregnancy unless her doctor says to not to have. Sex will not harm the baby at any stage during a typical, uncomplicated pregnancy. The baby is protected by strong uterus muscles, amniotic fluid, and a mucus plug that develops around the cervix.
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Question: I m 12weeks pregent mother nd we maintain thrice a time relation in a week....is it risky....
Answer: Its not very risky but u hv to very carefull before ur Third month. Please maintain ur relation once or twice in aweek n not more than that....
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