12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 11weeks 5days pregnant... doctor said i have sch of 2.4cm and advice me to b under bed rest..is it a big risk? Will tat bleeding increases? Hw can i avoid tat? Im so worried ..plz help me

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Answer: Im also in the same condition wat happend?? Is everything ok now?
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Question: Hello mam.. I'm 7week 5 days pregnant...i started bleeding dan after i consult my doctor they suggested me some injections and complete bed rest.. should i have to do complete bed rest is it necessary
Answer: Hi dear, If the bleeding is too much and since the viability of your pregnancy is not been done yet like detecting baby's heartbeat ,then b d rest is what I would suggest too.continue taking the injections,that is to sustain the pregnancy.wish you all the best!
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Question: Yesterday am going to take scan doctor said some bleeding is there in scan but i dont have any bleeding still now why give me a any reason.. doctor said take bed rest for 15days
Answer: It was according to your body condition. Don't worry, relax.. take bed rest .... lord durga matha always bless u ... I will also pray for u . Be ready to play with u kid after 9 months
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Question: Im 12th week pregnant my NT scanning says 'Posterior extending to the OS' so my doctor says do bed rest orelse chances of bleeding..plzz reply I'm worried
Answer: It's low lying placenta. Take complete bed rest. Overstrain of body is not permitted. Don't lift weights. Compelete bed rest will make palcenta become correct position
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