9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I listened some different sounds in my stomach I can't understand what dhos

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Answer: Don't worry. 3 months apadi than erukum. Nenka nalla sapudinkala. Health parthukonka.rest adunka. Rompa distrub erunthathu na doctor da ponka. Take care. Bye. Good morning
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Question: Hlo..i am in second trimester.i feel something is happening in stomach..like movements n sounds..nd i cant understand all these things..i cant understand what is happening in my stomach..pls tell me..
Answer: Hi dear it is the mostly unlikely to be movements with is at 14 weeks usually movements and not felt it is between 19 to 25 weeks when you start getting to understand the movements which are initially as fluttering of butterflies and you may think that those are due to gas issues but those are actually movements but if at all you have started feeling the movements the movements will feel like quickening for some day and later on with time it will become stronger and sharper and then that is how you will understand that those are your baby's movement .. Hope this helps!
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Question: my baby is vomiting a lot .what s the remedy for that.i think she has some problem in her stomach bt I can't understand wat s the problem
Answer: Hi..my baby is also 1.5 old.. and i am also facing same issue.. bt it's normal in new born babys. My doctor also said it's normal .. Sometime baby feeds more than the requirement and flow of milk is more it happens so :- # take break while feeding # make sure baby burps after feeding one side before shifting to other # hold your baby on your shoulder for 5-10 min # don't make baby to do more activity like shaking just after the feed Hope this will help you.. if still continues after each feed plz consult to your doctor.
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Question: i can't understand or feel anything in my stomach,,, i m 18wk pregnant..
Answer: Everyone has not same vibrations...it was too early that u want some experience with ur baby...after 20 weeks u will know the differance...happy motherhood
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