16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I hve so much pain in my teeth n gums wht should i do i 17 week pregnant

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Answer: Hi dear swelling of gums and pain in tooth is quite common in pregnancy this is due to hormonal changes and also increase in blood flow in which gums become very sensitive . it is good to take salt water gargling daily . you can have a dental checkup please one time during pregnancy if you are having the problem . brush your teeth twice with gum care paste . Try to avoid pain killers unless it is prescribed by doctor
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Question: i m 35 week pregnant ..i ve lots of pain in my gums n teeth since 3 days ..what should i do
Answer: Hi dear in that case u should consult doctor as yes due to harmonak changes during pregnancy such pain do happen but it is a eight choice to consult doctor.
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Question: I hve so much pain in left breast while feeding wht should i do now
Answer: Hello dear... Pain in breast, during breastfeeding happens due to formation of milk duct or engrossed breastsome milk can be accumulated already in the breast, so that it makes pain when baby latches..to overcome this problem follow these ideas... Massage on each breast before you start to feed the baby, it releive milk not to become duct Always wear maternity brazier, so that feeding might be easier Wash nipple and aerola, after feeding You can also give cold compress,so that pain might reduce You can hand express or can use pump to express milk ,it will reduce pain,so that milk production can increased Contact your gynaecologist, so that they prescribe ointment to releive pain...
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Question: I hve stone in my gallbladder wht should i do
Answer: seek a surgeon .. go for suitable ultrasound ... if its not troubling u or very small .. dn may be u will not have any operation but if larger stones troublesome... dn u have to go for cholecystectomy... i mean op to remove ur gall bladder ... open and closed ... open me pura incision laga ke nikalte hai or close me lapro se andar hi khtm kar dete hai isme kam stiches hote hai or kam pain hota hai.. dont wry all the best
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