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Question: I have viginal delivery yesterday. I have gotten few stitches in below there how many days it will be heal plz any one tell me it's very hurting

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Answer: It will take 10 to 15 days...try to clean everyday and apply the cream
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Question: In how many days stitches heal after normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear,healing time varies from person to person but u can try these for recovery-Put a frozen pack of ice on your perineum. Try lying on your side with the pack between your legs. and don't leave it on for longer than half an hour. . Keep doing your pelvic floor exercises, Expose your stitches to the air. Take off your pants and lie down for 10 minutes, twice a day. Put a clean towel underneath you to protect your bed linen or sofa.Hope these will help..
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Question: How many days it will take to heal the stitches in normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear, it will take about 2-6 weeks for tje stitches to heal...it may take longer as well... It depends on your body... Make sure you wipe your stitches clean and keep it dry after using the washroom... apply the antiseptic cream given to you by your doctor.. take care dear...
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Question: In how many days stitches are heal in normal delivery?
Answer: It takes 20 days post delivery to completely resorb Apply hot packs on the area And wash with dettolwater to help clean the area and mai maintain hygiene. Refrain from sex till 1 month Apply your meyrogyl ointment on time and twice a day.
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