34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have uncooked rice cravings and i have eaten it many time is it safe?

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Answer: After eating or mix rice with either jaggery or sugar
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Question: How can I stop my cravings for uncooked rice?
Answer: Hey Congrats for Pregnancy. I also had craving for uncooked rice then I got to know I had deficiency of calcium so plz u also ask ur Doctor to provide the same. Avoid eating uncooked rice as it can give u food positioning.take a good care.🙂
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Question: I eat lots of uncooked rice.. Its is safe
Answer: Hi dear.. No u should not eat uncooked rice. It turns ur blood into water... Which results in decrease of ur hemoglobin level.. So it is not advised
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Question: Cravings to eat uncooked rice is harmful in this condition?
Answer: Eating non-food substances is potentially harmful to both you and your baby. Eating non-food substances may interfere with the nutrient absorption of healthy food substances and actually cause a deficiency. Pica cravings are also a concern because non-food items may contain toxic or parasitic ingredients.
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