1 months old baby

Question: I have twin babies & their weights are around 2 & 2.5 kg. Please tell me how can I cover their weights.

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Question: Hi.. i am 32 weeks pregnant with twin babies.. currently babies weights are 1.3 kg and 1.6kg at 32 weeks.. can you pls suggest how can i increase the babies weight?
Answer: Hello Drink tang or glucon d it works like magic to make baby gain weight Eat lots of ghee diary and butter packed meals. U should eat 5 to 6 meals in a day. Keep small snacks like cheese nuts raisins dry fruits biscuits sweets of ur choice ice creams yogurt etc. Spread peanut butter on bread or apples if ur able to eat it as it's very helpful in gaining weight and filled with nutrients. U can eat eggs meat. Keep your self well hydrated eat on time try to eat fruits and vegetables lentils etc add lots of fats and oils help in gaining weight and filled with nutrients.
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Question: Mam now i am in 35 weeks pregnant mother and also i have a twin pregnancy my babies weights are 1.999 and 2.114 , pls tell me mam how to increase my babies weights mam pls help me mam
Answer: Babies will increase their weight themselves during last 5 weeks they can't gain as much as single baby cause they are twins. You may take protein rich diet but don't try to gain much weight yourself it can't help babies to gain more weight moreover it can create problems.
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Question: I have one month old twin babies & they are underweight. Please suggest me what can I do to improve their weight
Answer: Kangaroo care Formula feed Wrap in blanket always Give breast milk every 2nd hour Mother eat nutrition foods Be with babies
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