5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have too much headeac please suggest tablet.can i took dolo 650?

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Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, it is not advisable to take any tablet without consulting doctor, can try these remedies will Work better... Have a nutritious diet Drink 2-3 litre of water daily Have good sleep Don't get stressed, be relaxed Practice pranayama
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Question: Hai doctor.am 34 week pregnant mother . today morning onwards I get feverish and sheivering .I take dolo 650 tablet.
Answer: Dear, there are numerous reasons for fever in pregnancy like viral or bacterial infection, weakened immune system, urinary tract infection.a fever during pregnancy mostly harmless.keep your self hydrated, take proper rest, salt water gargling and steam inhalation will help you.take more vitamin C , avoid foods that can aggravate or cause allergies.if the fever does not go away in a day or two, it could be sign of infection.take care
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Question: Too much vominting...what can i do
Answer: Eat the meals in small quantity.eat dry amla which helps in reducing vomitings
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Question: Hi mommies...I have delivered baby girl through c section..on April 25.but 3 days onward I got fever at afternoon and I took dolo 650 .then temperature goes to normal.whats the reason ...plz tell me...
Answer: It can be because of infection please consult your doctor .
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