13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have the increased risk for FGR. I'm 12 weeks 5 days pregnant. Done with first trimester ultrasound. Everything in screening report is quite normal but the growth of fetous is low it's mentioned is 1:89.What the actual growth must be at this time? And how could I cure this? Please help

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Answer: Mam ap apni diet achi lo.daily apni diet mein banana and apple jarur le.nariyal paani daily lo ,juice pio,almond bhigo ke daily le.anaar khao in sab ko daily routine mein hr two hrs ke baad lene ki habbit bana le in sabse apki aur baby ki grouth b achi hogi.
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    Anu Candy928 days ago

    Thank you mam..

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Question: I have just received my First Trimester Screening Test report. It's showing Down Syndrome, Edward syndrome & Patau syndrome result shown Low & Interpretation mentioned: Screening Negative. What does it mean? Can anyone help me in this
Answer: It's happy news dear. you need not to worry. Significance of the test: These test are important to rule out any anomalies (defects in future baby). Your's report result: There is very minimal possibility that your baby can have the above mentioned defects. I hope this information will work for you
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Question: Hii doctor i done my first thrimester screening dual marker test and the report indicate low risk any serious about it.pls reply
Answer: hi dear! its good if it says low risk as it means that the pregnancy has very low chances of developing any chromosomal abnormalities so dont worry dear. everything is fine. take care.!
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Question: Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant. I had a visit to my dictor yesterday where she mentioned the growth of my baby is little less (compared to 14 weeks) by examining my abdomen. My last usg report for 1st trimester screening reporrd normal growth. Now my doctor is suggesting for another usg now at 16 th week for growth check followed by 2nd trimester screening at 20th week. I am worried of so many usgs and their necessities. Could you kindly help me ??
Answer: No need to worry. Every thing will b ok as pregnancy progresses.usg is for examination of proper timewise growth.doesn't matter how many usgs. If required do it n go as per dr suggessions. Be positive everytime.
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