6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have test at home it's positive but doctor did Sonography and he said still it's not showing anything try after 15 days so m worried

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Answer: Hello dear. It is too early to go for a scan. Ideally a scan is recommended after 7 weeks of pregnancy as by then everything becomes visible. So please repeat the scan after 2 weeks again. Hope. It helps.
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    Ranjana Kolhe686 days ago

    Thank you I will do it after 2 week

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Question: When i missed my periods & tested at home it was negative but when doc did it was positive.. so after some days my sonography was there & in sonography it doesn't show anything as per doc saying what does it means
Answer: Hi dear, possibly your pregnancy is delayed or weak pregnency . If it is healthy pregnancy when definitely your doctor will give you medicines to support it. Otherwise you have to wait for a month and will take another USG to check your pregnancy progress.
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Question: Hello i did pregnancy test at home and it's showing lite faint line what it means? ??
Answer: Faint line means you are pregnant! Congratulations dear! Consult doctor and do beta hcg blood test and confirm with doctor
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Question: I did pregnancy test at home and its positive. I did not have sex last month. How its possible
Answer: Dear it could be that the pregnancy strip is faulty. Please repeat the test again tomorrow morning. The pregnancy strip test is not always correct and may sometimes show wrong results. So there is nothing to be worried. Also do the test early morning with first urine. Hope it helps.
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