8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have take home pregnancy test.. the readily is positive.. is there chances of being result fake

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Question: does a positive result in home pregnancy test is have another meaning of result or is it a confirm pregnancy??
Answer: Pregnancy kit detects pregnancy with the help of HCG that is starts to produce once you get pregnant so if you have done home pregnancy test and that's positive it means only a positive pregnancy.
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Question: If home pregnancy test is negative...what r the chances of beta HGC (blood test) coming positive??
Answer: Hi dear, It is difficult to say.since it has come negative.either the kit is faulty or you are too early to test beta HCG test is quite sensitive and acurate.even though your test results come negative,it might come positive in HCG
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Question: is there chances of being pregnant even if home urine test comes negative?
Answer: Sometimes when you have just conceived the hormone HCG levels can be low. It is the same hormone that the test kit uses to determine you are pregnant . Wait for a few days and repeat the test.
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