19 months old baby

Question: I have stopped breastfeeding my baby .he has sleeping issue due to that..how to make him sleep on his own

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Question: How to make my baby sleep independently by his own
Answer: Make his tummy full , dim the lights , create soothing environment and don't play with baby just be beside him. Gradually he may fall to sleep. Try it
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Question: Hi Expert, I have baby of 1.5 month old, he doesnt latch on his own, i have to put external nipple for him to latch. How to make him latch on his own without any external support?? Thanks a lot !!!
Answer: Hello dear Use a pump to draw out the nipple before offering it to the baby. Stimulating your nipple with a cold compress to make the nipple protrude. Pulling back on the areola before you latch the baby on. Finding a nursing position that allows you to support your breast and the baby’s head while working on the correct latch.
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Question: How can i make my baby sleep on his own..he sleeps only while feeding
Answer: Uyyala lo vesthe better andi thane padkuntadu, I don't know in English word of uyyala if u don't understand Telugu language please search it in Google uyyala
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