39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have slight back pain from last night. Is this a sign of labour pain? Should i go for check up?

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Answer: hi dearif u r at your end of pregnancy it may be a sign of labour .if u have dull lower back pain continuous abdominal cramps bleeding if you found in water loss it may be a sign of labour .the labour pain includes continuous pain in which you may feel like tightening of uterus and you may also have symptom of loose motion at the time of labour if you face any of the above symptoms you can visit the doctor
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Question: My back pain started from last night and also I am feeling loss of appetite. Is it sign of labour?
Answer: Hi dear, It depends as you are still few weeks away to be full term.back pain on and off is fine in pregnancy,but if the pain intensity increases in intervals,then that could be sign of labor.but I donot think that is the case here.also,loss of appetite is common in last trimester,as your digestive system slows down and expanding uterus presses your stomach further.
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Question: Back pain and mucous discharge is there after pelvic check up..is this sign of labour ??
Answer: hi dear It may be a sign of labour. If u have continuous low back pain it may be a sign of labour. The symptoms of labour includes loose motions, loss of waterlower back pain continous abdominal crampsheavy bleeding etc.In case u foiund any of the above symptoms visit ur doctor immediately
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Question: I have swear back pain from last night.....is it sign of labor
Answer: It can be the sign of Labour because to me also Labour pain started from backside only..
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