2 months old baby

Question: I have severe pain in my breast like someone is pinching with syringe.. What to do?? Due to this I m unable to feed my baby properly

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Answer: Apply your own milk to the affected nipples and let it dry before you wear the clothes, two or three times,it will relief. Drink lots of water.
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Question: I m unable to feed my baby due to lack of breast milk. Please suggest what to do.
Answer: hello dear. To increasing of breast milk depends on how much you latch your baby so start latching as much as possible to your baby. also have plenty of water at least 2 to 3 litre of water as breast milk is made of water, have dry fruits fruits specially papaya, addd jeera in it Your diet, methi, sagoo etc. Also having shatavari powder twice with milk will help.
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Question: I m hsving severe pain in my upper ribs and not able to breath properly..due to this there is also difficulty in sleep..what should i do!?
Answer: Hi, It is normal that as the baby grows it exerts pressure on the diaphragm making it difficult to breathe.Try doing breathing exercises and meditation to improve your condition. Best of luck.
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Question: I m 14 weeks pregnant mother nd m feeling sharp pain like knife pinching in my breast is this normal??
Answer: Yes it's absolutely normal.its called breastntenderness
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