20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have severe backpain .please tell me what i have to do..?

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Answer: Hi dear we can take medicines but it is better to avoid. warm compress really helped me when I had back pain try it take care
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Question: I am getting backpain daily what i have to do tell me please
Answer: Hi dear back pain is common in pregnancy given that our posture undergoes a change and also because the tummy grows and all organs are pushed to make space for the growing baby. Some basic to do for back pain are keeping support and being consious of your posture. Keeping proper support while sitting or lying down.you can do hot water fermentation to relieve the pain and. Not be in one same Position for long. Take care a good diet is important too for you. All the best
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Question: Have severe backpain what to do
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Sorry to hear you are facing back pain. Here are few remedies that would help in reducing pain. Yoga and Stretching. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. Avoid Sitting for Long Periods, Get Moving! Use Heating Pads. Reduce Inflammation. Walking also helps in reducing the pain. Take care.
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Question: Hello....I have a severe backpain....what should i do?
Answer: Left side position. Keep two pillows on your back and one in between your two legs. Your back should be in an Acute angle position. I have a same problem. Doctor suggest me this and now it's better.
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