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Question: I have seen very light brownish discharge yesterday like 2 or 3 drops. My doctar done tvs ultrasound. It shows a tiny gestation sac meas 3.6 mm corresponding to 5 weeks 1 day seen in endometrial cavity with no fetal node or yolk sac in it. Cervical length is adequate meas 3.8 cm internal os is closed. She gives medicine folvite tab, susten 200 mg cap. Now there is no spotting from yesterday evening. I have history of pcos. I have conceived for first time. Is everything is ok. Please help me out.

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Answer: hi dear! congratulations on conceiving i m so sure you must have tried very hard dear. and we should wait for a week to see the fetal pole as from this the fetus will develop dear. so you will have to take a scan after 1-2 weeks dear. and rest all seems to be fine dear. your gestational sac is also proper if you are at 5 weeks of pregnancy dear. dont worry dear. dont panic everything will be fine. stay positive . take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
Answer: Hi dear, Your reports seems normal.there is no need to worry.continue to take the meds prescribed to you.brown discharges often happens due to low progesterone level,for which you are already taking susten.ao not an issue.it should.be fine.
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    DIPIKA SINGH599 days ago


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Question: After first scan, they say that fetus have no heart beat. the scan report is "No definite fetus/sac. Irregular echogenic heterogeneous area 5.0 x 3.4 cm seen in endometrial cavity. Placenta like tissue with degenerative changes noted. What happened to me..?
Answer: In first 5-7 weeks no heartbeat can be detected.only the presence of sac can be known.In around 12 weeks heart beat can be known. You go through a detail checkup thoroughly. Consult to a best gynaecologist.
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Question: hi! today i went for usg my report say single live fetus seen in the intrauterine cavity longitudinal lie, with spine towards maternal left & with Cephalic presentation head appers floating at present spontaneous fetal movement are seen fetal cardiac activity is regular and normal & is 141 beats/ min placenta is grade II-III anterior and not low lying Liquor is adequate for period of gestation AFI 10-10.5 cms No loop of cord is seen around neck Internal OS is closed plz read this and is everything ok normal delivery ho jayege na koi problem to nhi he na
Answer: Yes as per ds everything is fine...u r almost prepared for normal delivery but it still doesn't gv the guarantee. U never knw what happens at the last stage. U Dnt think much and just stay positive. Hosever if you want normal delivery...following tips might help - 1. Regular exercises -Pelvic stretches and tilts, deep squats exercises can open your hips and make your pelvic muscles stronger to enable you to have a normal delivery. Keep in mind to exercise under the supervision of an expert as wrongly done exercises can do harm to you and your baby. 2. You can also try prenatal yoga, which increases flexibility and will help you have breathing control. Yoga will also keep you relaxed and calm. 3. Stay away from stress, anxiety and too much contemplation 4. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly. This way you will inch a step closer to having a normal delivery 5. Refrain from hearing horror birth stories 6. Eat properly and eat rightly. A healthy and well nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labor easily and more comfortably. However, you must keep a tab on your weight as well, as too much weight gain can interfere with your chances of having a normal delivery. 7. You can also do regular perineal massages after the seventh month of pregnancy. It reduces stress, helps an expectant mother tackle labor efficiently and mitigates joint pains and muscular tensions
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Question: my last lmp was 18th july, but usg shows it is 6wks 4days(as on18th sep) means 15 days gap. yesterday when i took my tvs usg it shows 16 mm ges sac, but no yolk, no fetal pole or heart beat in 6 weeks 4days. I have pcod. Any chances???? please ans. I had a missed abortion in last sep. please ans yolk sac and fetal pole not seen in this 6 wks 4 days. Is there any hope???
Answer: Hello dear It is too early to feel or see any cardiac activity at 6 weeks. We cannot get clear idea about about fetal pole. In fact, during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rate is almost always confirmed by using an ultrasound machine, which uses soundwaves to pick up a baby's heart beat from within the uterus. Don't worry just wait some more time to get a clear idea
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