12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have prblm of PCOD.I'm ten weeks pregnant.Sometimes I feel pain in left ovary.Is there any harm for my baby.

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Answer: Hi dear for such pain u shouldn't stay quite but visit doctor and get ur stomach checked. Ur doctor can advise u why u r getting pain and if it is normal or need some attention. Being pcod patience chance of getting cyst is higher.
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Question: I have i little pain in left side of abdomen so whts the issue is there any prblm
Answer: Hi dear such problem is due to stretching of round ligament and it is absolutely fine as this hapoens due to giving more space to ur increasing size baby. Don't worry if pain is little
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Question: I have pain in my right side of the abdomen.is there any prblm
Answer: No dear it is not a problem. You may notice that you feel period-like cramps or even pain on one side. The most common reason to have pain that feels like cramping is actually your uterus growing or stretching. This is normal pain and should be expected in a healthy pregnancy. You may also feel "full" or "heavy" in the area of your uterus. Hope this helps.
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Question: I'm 5week preginant I have sliget pain on left side of stomach is there any prblm
Answer: light pain is common in pregnancy..it might be due to stretching n expanding of utreus n other organs..donr worry..take proper rest n healthy diet.
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