6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have pinkish spotting today.is it normal

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Answer: Yes pink or brown spotting is normal in starting pregnancy but any kind of bleeding should be consulted with doctor as soon as possible
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Question: Hi .Now am 9 weeks pregnant. I got littel brown spotting today.is it normal???
Answer: Hi..spotting is common in first few weeks of pregnancy...This is called as implant bleeding....it is normal...But still u have to inform this to your doctor and get checked to rule out any other causes...she will prescribe u injections to prevent bleeding...
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Question: Is it normal to have pinkish brown spotting after sex, m 12 weeks pregnant ?
Answer: No....if it heavy consult ur doctor,plz avoid sex in 1st trimester
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Question: Very light pinkish slight spotting is happening is it normal
Answer: Hi dear,yes it is normal it is called implantation bleeding.it happens when fertilized egg meets itself to the lining of the uterus. There is nothing to worry Take care
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