2 months old baby

Question: I have piles problem after nrml dlvry .its very painful plz hlp me.

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Answer: Have "niranjan fal" daily u will surely get rid of it. Its. Ayurveda medicine hard brown colour u have to soak it in water overnight and have that empty stomach 1st in the morning
Answer: Drink lot of water and try boiling few pods of garlic in water and apply in that area and wash off. Try doing this three times a day. Take care
Answer: Consult ur gynaec.. she may gv stool softener n ointment to heal.. don't take it lightly
Answer: Avoid spicy foods .. drink coconut water,curbuza juice
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Question: Hi after 3 months of delivery i am having piles its very painful.. kindly help
Answer: Hi I have also face the same don't worry just go and show it to the doctor and he will give you a proper medication for the same I understand how painful these are but mine subsided only e because of warm water baths I used to take sitz bath. Take a tub of warm water and sit in it like Indian potty style. I know it can be difficult to get in the position. If u r uncomfortable u can also sit in the tub. However you are comfortable. Sit for 5 to 10 mins, it is surely help.
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Question: I'm having piles after my normal delivery which starts after tight stool. Plz help me out its very painful.
Answer: Hi, try to have more of fibre rich diet, plenty of water, have prunes and apple . Do not put pressure while passing stool, apply coconut oil down there for smooth passage of stool. Do kegel exercise and apply warm compress on it. This will help. You can even ask doctor for some ointment.
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Question: How to prevent piles bleeding after delivery.. Its really very painful?
Answer: hi dear piles problem specially after normal delivery is common. Sitz bath and cold compress are two helpful methods to get relief from piles. Eat vegetables fruits and whole grain fibre rich food to keep motion loose to avoid hemorrhoids. you can ask your doctor for oinments to get some relief. It take few months to get relief from this.
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