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Question: I have pcos & thyroid mother of 8yrs girl. Am trying for second baby past 2 yrs but could not succeed. All the blood test are normal. Am 86 kg. Am doing keto & intermittent fasting to reduce weight, am scard will this affect my pregnancy.

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Question: Age 28 years... Weight 65 kgs... Marital status 2 years 8 months... Trying to conceive from past one year.. me and husband consulted gynac where the blood test, pelvic scan and semen test are all normal. Then why I am not able to conceive
Answer: I hope you are following your fertile period when you are trying to conceive since you have already met a gynae I assume you know that . it is difficult to analyse why you are not able to conceive there can be several reasons such as blocked fallopian tubes , anemic , endometriosis . thyroid , TB, use of lubricants , low ovarian reserve , PCOS, male infertility , deliberately postponing , poor nutrition and lifestyle , stress , hormonal problems , UTI , irregular periods , bad sexual life, emotional disturbance , smoking drinking or drugs , sleep deprived or long travelling , overweight or too thin , environmental pollution with pesticides.
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Question: Hello...I am planning for pregnancy from last 1 yr now..My all reports are normal no thyroid , no pcod, and HSG test reports are also normal..Doctor say reduce weight.that also done from 71kg reduced too 66 kg..Still not getting pregnant..My husband's sperm mortality is low...Rest no problem...Plz help me how can I conceive
Answer: I think you don't have any more problem, because even 71 kg is not the big problem but please confirm with your husband sperm count if it is low there are lot of treatment to increase the sperm count and it is very common nowadays then only you can be conceived in healthy way
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Question: What are the foods to be consumed to reduce my blood sugar level down.. Mine 103 fasting sugar... Plz help me in my diet wat to eat n wat to avoid..iam33yrs old.. It's my second pregnancy.. Is that must do I need to take tablets for my sugar level... Iam yet to meet my doctor.. She is not in the station.. Jus took fasting sugar test n thyroid last Tuesday.... Will my medication affect my baby growth...
Answer: Hi dear... congratulations on ur Pregnancy...Start eating brown rice instead of white rice. Stop eating sweets as much as possible. Do little bit of walking after having food..hope it helps
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