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Question: I have prescribed me harmoni f tablets and trazer f forte...i have completely taken the tablets but i did not get periods yet

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Answer: hi dear! so dear in this case you will have to visit your doctor as a tablet change will help you get you periods like deviry but you still have to visit your doctor and let them know that you have not got the period. normally within a weeks time you shoudl get the periods but if you have not got them then you need a medicine change dear. take care .
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Question: I have pcod I'm taking tablets but it's not working past 2yrs taking still not concived
Answer: Honestly pcod is a lifestyle based syndrome and cannot be can easily manage it throughout your life..yes can become pregnant as friend had it and she conceived within a year of treatment..she made some changes in her diet to totally healthy,no junk food and also started is believed to balance worked..and stay away from would conceive too..
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Question: I have taken the folic acid tablets from past 3 months but still iam not pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, folic acid is just to prevent neural tube defects once you get pregnant but it will not totally help you to get please visit doctor once, you might need to get few blood test and scan.take care and all the best
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Question: We are planning to get pregnant. But I have PCOS. I consulted a doctor she suggested me to take folic acid tablets for 3 months to regualarise my periods and then asked me to try for pregnancy. After started using the tablets, I got periods only for 1 month. After that 2 months I did not get. Now, can I try for pregnancy ?
Answer: Me too hd same problem my gyni also suggested me to take folic acid tabs. For me it really worked. So go ahead and try of luck 👍
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