1 months old baby

Question: I have one month old twin babies & they are underweight. Please suggest me what can I do to improve their weight

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Answer: Kangaroo care Formula feed Wrap in blanket always Give breast milk every 2nd hour Mother eat nutrition foods Be with babies
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Question: Hello I have twins babies. They are five years old. They are premature.and so week. What I have to do for gaining their weight
Answer: You should give every homemade food , no need to prepare separate food , give all food which you are preparing for your whole family. Give lots of fresh fruits. All seasonal vegetables should be given, baby's not interested in taking vegetables directly then you can give vegetable soup to a baby and can also add vegetables while preparing Upma or Khichdi for her. there should be in the form of a dairy product you should give curd yoghurt fruit custard homemade ice cream cheese butter . don't forget to add Desi Ghee or clarified butter in your baby's diet and also add dry fruit powder in babies milk . give you lots and lots of water and also encourage physical activity cause and nowadays babies are more prone to watching screen all the time so there is not enough physical activity in their life which can hinder their growth . and don't forget to give a boiled eggs to 4 and soya chunks to your baby . Hope this will help.
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Question: My 10 months old twin babies are still having less weight because they are premature and low birth weight .. what will i feed them to gain their weight
Answer: Hi dear. You can feed them Ragi porridge, homemade Cerelac, moong daal, rice water, oatmeal, vegetables soup, khichdi, Dalia, pomegranate juice, apple juice, rice water , mashed banana, boiled smashed potatoes,
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Question: my twin girls are borned in 35 weeks they r underweight what to do to recover their weight
Answer: Hii ozl consult doctor. He may provide u few medicines for baby n u to recover baby weight. Plz stay in touch with doctor as some special instructions provided for pre term baby
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