6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have my ultrasound scan .GS is 9.00mm its normal size or not?

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Question: Hello doctor i have 14week pregnancy my NT scan is normal double marker is normal by i have bleeding bt my ultrasound is normal what could i do.....
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Light bleeding or spotting (which can be brown, pink, or red) during the second and third trimester isn't usually cause for concern. It typically occurs as a result of interference with the cervix during sex or a vaginal exam. So once consult to ur dr nd take medicine as ur dr suggest u. Take rest ,avoid sex ,avoid carry heavy things too take care happy pregnancy
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Question: Am 4months pregnant...i have heavy white discharge...its normal or not??
Answer: Well dr its quite normal...but if its slight smelly, then it can be due to UTI which very common during pregnancy ..u can do urine test. And drink atleast 8-10 glass of water
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Question: My doctor told me to do ( usg obs ultrasound level 2) it will be my third ultrasound..so is it necessary or its normal to skip this ultrasound?
Answer: Yes it is completely necessary it detects baby's each and every part is properly formed or not
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