2 months old baby

Question: I have my c section on 6th jan i.e almost 2 months back but still i feel less sense on the upper part of the cut area..Is it normal ?

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Answer: Its is absolutely normal.It is becoz the nerves around the incision site r being cut.
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    puja agarwala964 days ago

    When will i get back sense in this area

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Question: Hii.. i had my second c-sect 2 months ago but i am still having poking back pain almost every day... Is it normal .. what should i do
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry its normal and common...its the pain of incision given to at the time of delivery...so nothing to worry..avoid heavy weight...lay down rather than sitting..give good support to back..don't wear heels...do warm compress..hope these tips will help you ma'am...take care...
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Question: I had c-section 3 months ago. I cannot feel a part of my belly skin just above the cut. My gynaec said that it is due to the veins that had been cut while operating. Is it normal?
Answer: It happens to most womeb dwar. Do not worry. It gradually reduces,it could be due to sensory nerve affection post spinal/epidural anesthesia or also because of some nerve damage at the site of cut. This never causes any trouble in future. For some women it takes about 6 months or even more to regain the sensations there.
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Question: i sometimes feel some kind of movement on the upper part of my abdomen.. is it normal?
Answer: Hello! it might be Your baby moving, which is absolutely normal...
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