Few days old baby

Question: I have my c section on 25th Feb and I can't feed properly plz answer me how to feed correctly.

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Answer: if you are not able to see properly remember to massage the breast each time before feeding to the baby you should also take warm water shower and while taking shower let the warm water flow down the breast and you should massage the breast you can also use the electric pump is just before feeding the baby which will also help if nothing helps then you should Express the milk and feet through the feeder observed the spoon because feeding breast milk is very important for the growth and development of the baby
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Question: My baby is 8days old. My nipples are flat... I can't feed properly. How to feed??
Answer: Hey dear use latch assist. It is an apparatus which will help to pull the nipples out. Use before feeding. It will definitely help for baby to suck nipples. U can search as latch assist in net. It will be available in all medical stores.
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Question: I have also c section, im not happy to play with my baby and I can't feed my baby ,because I'm getting back pain and I can't sleep properly, what can I do for this?????
Answer: Few weeks will be very difficult for you I have had a C section so I know I can completely relate to you but slowly and gradually this pain will subside you can breastfeed yeah baby by sitting or lying you can just lie on your side and you can breastfeed yeah baby there won't be any problem and it is a matter of you we saw time after that you will be absolutely fine to play with the baby just don't worry and the make sure that you always sit in a correct posture you walk on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had c section on 20th Feb, when I ll have period,? Without period how can I reduce my tummy plz suggest me
Answer: It differs from person to person dear. Some will get within one month,some will get after 3,6,7 etc months. Tummy will get reduced regularly. But don't try anything to reduce the tummy now. Your body is very sensitive now. You have gone through a major surgery. Our womb have 7 layers of skin and it takes some time to heal the wound. You can try walking after 3 months. Heavy exercises are not recommended at this stage and even till 6 months. Till then take rest and enjoy motherhood.
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