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Question: I have missed my period of 9 days and took a home a result got one dark line and one very faint line. m I pregnant ?

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Answer: Hi,yes it shows that were pregnant but I would suggest you to do a urine pregnancy test after 8 days of missing your period which help to give you accurate and come from the results.
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    Meenakshi Mahapatra699 days ago

    Thanks dear. I hv checked after 9 days of missing my period. Don't understand why the line is so faint

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Question: Hi.. I missed my period and it's almost 45 days .. did home pregnancy test and got a faint line.. Am I pregnant?
Answer: Hello dear!! Since u have misses your periods, And not getting an accurate result on home pregnancy test!it could be possible that your hcg levwl is not high enough! Since u are alreadt in your 6th week,i would advise u to go for a scan!to confirm the growth and viability of your fetus.
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Question: I missed periods. So i did a home pregnancy test. In that one dark line and one faint line came. Is it indicates positive pregnancy or negative pregnancy?
Answer: Yes its mean you are pregnant . If your HCG is low than it comes like that . Not to worry . Still for confirmation you can do one more test . Best of luck
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Question: I have missed my period by 5 days. I took home pregnancy test I have got two pink line but second pink line is faint one
Answer: Dear it seems positive, however, if you are unsure, see a gynaecologist and get your check up done once..
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