12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have lump behind my ears not much pain but when I turn my head slightly paining is this any serious issue

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Question: Hi doc.. Frequently I have pain and heavy weight in my lower abdomen . will this is a serious issue ????
Answer: Dear friend this is happening because your baby is putting pressure on your bladder. You make sure to support your lower tummy with your hands whenever you are walking and also start wearing tummy supporting dresses
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Question: I realise from some dayes a pain in my lower abdomen of left side,is this any serious issue?
Answer: Hello dear...this could be due to some hormonal changes in your body dear...or due to some urinary tract infection dear. .so please consult with your doctor and get it checked dear...
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Question: I have tale bone pain from yesterday. Is it a serious issue.
Answer: I also have tail bone pain or coccyx pain. Its manageable but it will take long time to cure. Use donut pillow to sit u can buy them online too. Choose to sit in softer surfaces. Apply any pain relief use ice cube to help with pain for a week and then if it extends after few week regularly give hot water massage.
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