30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have lot of gastrict i cant eat anything what can i do plz suggest

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Answer: Hi dear, i know it must be really inconvenient during this time but there is nothing to worry about gas is a common symptom of pregnancy. Thankfully, there are various things you can do to combat the gas.  Drink Plenty of Fluids Get Moving Physical activity and exercise should be a part of your daily routine. Test Out Your Diet Try removing potential food triggers from your diet one at a time, until your gas symptoms improve. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, wheat, and potatoes are common gas culprits. Fill Up on Fiber food
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Question: I have completed just one month i cant eat anything everytime feels like vomited pls suggest what to do
Answer: Avoiding foods and smells that trigger your nausea.Keeping soda crackers by your bed and eating a couple before getting up. Allow some time for digestion, and rise slowly once you are ready.Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day instead of three big meals.Drinking less water/fluids with your meals, and instead drink them between meals.Eating more dry, plain foods such as white rice, dry toast, or a plain baked potato instead of richer, creamier foods.Sucking on hard candy.Keeping rooms well ventilated or having a fan close by for easier breathing. If neither of these are possible, take time to go outside to get some fresh air.Getting plenty of rest; Listen to your body when you are feeling fatigued, and try lying down.Sniffing ginger or lemons, or drinking ginger ale or lemonade, which can help ease the feeling of nausea.
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Question: im getting a lot of heartburns cant eat anything ...what to do
Answer: Heartburn is that burning sensation in your chest or throat that’s caused by acid rising up from your stomach. It’s a common symptom of the condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, which is also called acid reflux. When you talk to your doctor about heartburn, the doctor will first ask you about your diet. That’s because eating certain foods is one of the main causes of heartburn. Coffee (including decaf), soda, tomatoes, alcohol, and chocolate are often heartburn triggers.
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Question: I have a lot of womiting in today mrng i cant eat today wat can i do
Answer: hi dear experiencing a vomiting during pregnancy is very common. But if you can't eat anything whole day because of the vomiting then you have to ask your gynecologist for anti vomiting medicine.
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