29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have itching on all over body, cheked jaundice but it comes negative. What it this ?

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Answer: Hi dear if you have itching all over the body it can happen due to heavy blood flow during this time and also due to dry skin now if the lft test is already done and it came negative then it is just your pregnancy hormones and nothing else I would suggest you to apply anti aging cream which is available in Avenoo and you can also apply virgin coconut oil that is also a very good option to get rid of the itching. Hope this helps..
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Question: I have too much itching all over my body, what should I do. Also I have mild jaundice.
Answer: Hi As you have mild jaundice, itching all over body is called pruritus. It occurs in jaundice. When your jaundice gets treated the itching will disappear. Please consult your doctor for the same. Your doctor will advise you a right diet.
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Question: I have itching all over the body why this happens
Answer: Hello, itching on the stomach is normal in pregnancy. That happens because your belly skin stretches as you move ahead with your pregnancy. The stretching causes the surface to get dry, and the moisture-deprived skin tends to get itchy. It happens because of the hormonal changes occurring in your body. you can apply aloe vera gel , coconut oil to reduce your itching also, Oatmeal Bath. Soak oatmeal in the bath water and bathe with it. The soothing properties of oatmeal provide relief from itching. Lemon juice , cold compression, gram flour paste etc you can apply to get releif from itching. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hlo.....I have itching on all over my body... Nd it starts in night tym...
Answer: Hi, it happens mainly due to the secretions from the liver. Please consult the doctor immediately. The doctor will give liver function test and if required medicine. Meanwhile have plenty of water and completely avoid fried, junk or oily food.
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