22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have itching in vegina?? What is the reason for this

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Answer: If thr white discharge along with itching then u must be affected with vaginal infection its btr to consult ur gync rather than ignoring
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Question: What is the reason for vegina itching.... And plz suggest any remedy for it....
Answer:  During pregnancy itchiNg vegina is common during pregnancy dear. Because of increasing vaginal discharge and blood flow cause itchiness in vegina dear. Pass urine whenever your bladder feel full, wash everytime after passing urine, keep the area dry and clean,apply coconut oil on itchiness, use wet wipes which is alcohol free, drink lots of water to prevent dry skin and urine infection, change underwear twice a day use cotton panties..
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Question: Why I have itching in whole body. What is the reason for it
Answer: Hi,it happens due to hormonal changes in the body and ther is nothing to worry.Sometimes it can also be due to allergy.You should apply aloe vera gel or moisturizing lotion twice a day after shower Take shower with need leaves in water 3 times a week All this will help you
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Question: I feel itching on my stomach.Any remedies?What is the reason for this itching?
Answer: Hello! mild itching is normal..it is because of the increased blood supply to the skin..you can control itching by doing these things *apply coconut or olive oil 3 to 4 times a day on itchy area *wear loose comfy(cotton)clothes * Avoid hot baths. Hope it will help you
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