8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have itching in urinal tract. Is that normal during 7 weeks of pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear itching can be sign of infection so apply some coconut oil on it and drink lots of fluid but if still it didnt work then do get it checked by doctor..
Answer: No itching of any type should not be there.. drink plenty of water and cranberry juice and get ur urine checked for infections
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Question: Is Urinal discharge normal during 36 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: yes its normal , Your growing bump may be putting extra pressure on your bladder at this stage, but it’s still important to drink enough water and stay hydrated. Learn how much you should aim to drink  Due to your baby’s new position, they’ll press on your bladder more. This is why from week 36, you may feel the need to urinate more frequently You could try drinking a bit less just before bedtime to avoid disruption during the night, but remember to rehydrate more during the next day
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Question: I have urinal tract infection and severe itching in vaginal area. Is it safe to use triben plus antifungal ,antibacterial skin cream during pregnancy?
Answer: Drink lots of water , urine infection is not good in pregnancy. Keep good check on your hygiene level as change your undergarments frequently. You can apply superficially but deep internal usage plz confirm with your gynac
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Question: what are the normal sign of urinal tract infection???
Answer: Bar bar bathroom Jana par thoda sa hi urine hona, burning during urinate, fever bhi ho sakta he, Halka Halka dard lower abdomen me..
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