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Question: I have hypothyroidism which I came to know a month back . And I am taking tablets for that . Doctor said I have to take tablets for lifetime . Is there any way like yoga or food habits ..that can help to cure thyroid problem and will this issue affect child during pregnancy. What all things I have to take care

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Answer: Helo dear...With medicine you can conceive and deliver a healthy child. for permanant you should try yoga under expert supervision it can surely help take care
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Question: Hi, Recently we came to know that I have thyroid. I am using tablets. These tablets affects my baby health??
Answer: Hi dear, Thyroid suppliments are absolutely fine to be taken in pregnancy .it is safe and can be continued till delivery too.thyroid require ments increases in pregnancy,so you can observe a rise of TSH now.get a proper dose for you after consulting with doctor.also repeat the test after 5 weeks.
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Question: Hi, Recently we came to known that i have thyroid. I am 20 weeks pregnant amd i am using thyroid tablets. These tablets, affect my baby's health???
Answer: Thyroid tablet does not effect in fact they help your thyroid levels to balance and prevent risk for your baby. Continue the medication without fail and check your thyroid levels every 3 months.
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Question: If Mother have thyroid problem and taking tablets that ll affect one month milk feeding baby?
Answer: No.. There will be no effect on your baby. Even if mom’s thyroid levels are not controlled by medication (or are in the process of being controlled) it is safe for mom to breastfeed her baby.
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