37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have high mood swings and my husband has been affected very badly Last night he Cried on that Please suggest some advises

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Question: My wife gets very angry and is depressed and has a lot of mood swings...is that normal
Answer: Hi dear, I can completely relate to your wife, when I was pregnant I use to get sometime angry then other times too emotional and I had no idea why I am getting all these feelings. So trust me I can understand how u feel. Mood changes during pregnancy can be caused by physical stresses,fatigue, changes in your metabolism, or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Get her plenty of sleep ask her to take a break during the day to relax Get regular physical activity Eat well Spend time with your partner Take a nap. Go for a walk See a movie with a friend Don’t be so hard on yourself Try pregnancy yoga class or meditation Get a massage
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Question: Evry nigt my husband relationship to me..both level of mood swings high...i have 3 mnth pregnante...any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, Sex during pregnancy is quite safe provided you have no pregnancy related complications.tou need to be comfortable and try poses that are easy on you.donot experiment with various sex postures.missionary and women on top are easy and safe.husband must use condome as precaution,to aviod getting any infection.
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Question: my baby has colic problem..he is crying very badly..please suggest some hime remedies
Answer: Ajwain is a good home remedy for babies having colic.Most of the mothers prefer using a small dose of gripe water as well.U could try that.
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