3 months old baby

Question: I have haemorroids with bleeding piles after delivery,,,having continuous bleeding with pain during passin stool,,,,

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Answer: Hi...Have more fiber in ur diet and drink lots of water. The more the water u drink the more u get better.. Drink lots of fluid, keep body cool. Eat or drink items that cools your body. No hot or sour food.take care
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Question: I am 4 weeks pregnant. I have got piles with bleeding during stool. So my pregnancy is safe or not
Answer: Pregncy is safe. But u may have painful in upcoming weeks
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Question: Having piles pain after delivery
Answer: Hello dear... Piles or hemorrhoid after delivery is usually common,it has higher chance to occur when you have vaginal delivery, happens due to straining of anal muscles during labour, follow these steps,it might be helpful in reducing hemorrhoid... Fibre rich diet Include more fibre in your diet,which includes whole wheat,cereals,lentils, vegetables and fruits in your diet Fluid Intake It is essential to drink atleast two to three litre of water,can include juice,soups will also give better releif,drink Buttermilk, muskmelon juice twice a week will be greater relief Coconut oil Coconut oil is known for its antiinflammatory properties,dip a cotton ball in coconut oil and massage in hemorrhoid,will be more effective Aloe Vera gel Aloe Vera has great cooling effect,applying aloe Vera gel in hemorrhoid helps in reducing burning sensation,and also reduces pain Ice pack Icepack massage is known as best hemorrhoid treatment,you can tie four to five ice cube in muslin cloth,and give massage will reduce burning sensation Hemorrhoid cream You can also apply hemorrhoid ointment prescribed by doctor will also be effective
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Question: I am suffering from piles . Having bleeding with my stool also. Pain is there . What is to be done?
Answer: Hello dear.. piles during pregnancy happens due to blood swelling near anus,so follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have plenty of fruits and vegetables,in your diet,can include veggies soup, poriyal,salad, Drink three litre of water a day,drink muskmelon juice weekly once Start your day with soaked dryfruits,will be great releif You can have ice pack massage on that area,will releive pain Weekly once take oil bath, it will be more effectively Include apples regularly in your diet You can also apply hemarrhoids cream
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