8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have going through 7th week pregnency now, during this time there is any limitation for traveling?

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Question: How many time we should sleep during pregnency? Now my 7th week is running.
Answer: Dear a total of 8 hrs of sleep is required when u r pregnant. And if you are feeling more sleepy during pregnancy due to hormonal changes there is no harm is getting a nap during the day as well. Hope it helps.
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Question: Iam 12 weaks pregnent if any problems traveling through flight during this time
Answer: Hello! Flight journey is the safest journey considered during pregnancy. But make sure you always carry food, water and medicine with you. However short journey it might be, never travel without these things. Take care
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Question: Now I am 36 week pergnant during this time is there any problem for eating pineapple
Answer: Please avoid pineapple.. It has some chemical which can lead to abortion in early stages of pregnancy n later stages it can lead to pre-term labour
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