34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have gestational diabetes..i take glycomet sr 500 as prescribed by my doctor..but this month i m going for testing n my fasting is 103 n pp is 132..is there any cause of tensn or how it effets my baby health? Plz reply..

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Question: Hello Doctor, Doctor advice me oral medicines Glycomet 500 as i have gestational diabetes. Does it ok? Do my baby will harm as i am 32 weeks pregnant?
Answer: Hi... i was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my pregnancy with same medicine. It didn't harm my baby....it is for you to control ur sugar level ...and with it pls follw ur diet chart
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Question: My fbs is 105 nd plbs is 137 .. doctor prescribed Glycomet sr 500 mg thrice a day is it recommend to take or not plz suggest .....
Answer: Eat citrus containing food ptoducts for mouth ulcer. Take Ginger drink for ghale ka durd .
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant. My pp is 160 and fasting is 97.It is safe for me to take medicine obimet sr 500 mg.
Answer: I have follicle of 15 mm. In right ovary and 12mm. In left ovary is Iam able to conceive
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