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Question: I have gas problem. What to do

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Answer: Doctors suggest Susten tablets to avoid early miscarriage and pre mature birth..
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Question: Hey mam i have a gas problem what to do
Answer: Hi would be mommy, This uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, gas is generally due to constipation, and it can get worse as your pregnancy progresses. Thankfully, there are various things you can do to combat the gas. The more consistent you are with these lifestyle changes, the better results you are likely to see. 1. Drink Plenty of Fluids Water is your best bet. Aim for eight to 10 8-ounce glasses every day, but other fluids count too. If your gas is causing pain or extreme bloating, you may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, in which case make sure any juice you drink is low like Cranberry, grape, pineapple, and orange juice. 2. Get Moving Physical activity and exercise should be a part of your daily routine. If you can’t make it to a gym, add a daily walk to your routine. Aim to walk or exercise for at least 30 minutes. Not only can exercise help keep you physically and emotionally fit, it can also help prevent constipation and speed up digestion. Be sure to consult your obstetrician first before starting any exercise regimen during pregnancy. How to Safely Exercise in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy 3. Test Out Your Diet Try removing potential food triggers from your diet one at a time, until your gas symptoms improve,  cabbage, broccoli, wheat, and potatoes are common gas. 4. Fill Up on Fiber Many foods that make gas worse in the short term can actually help control constipation. Why? “Fiber brings water into the intestines, softening the stool and allowing it. Try fitting 25 to 30 grams of high-fiber foods into your diet to help ease gas concerns. Many fruits, such as prunes, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal, are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. When in Doubt, Just Breathe Anxiety and stress can increase the amount of air you swallow, which may increase upper abdominal gas. Eliminate as much stress from your life as possible. Pass off chores to someone else, or just accept that they aren’t going to get done. Find some quiet time during the day to take some deep breaths and relax, or look into a prenatal spa day. Do whatever you need to do to stay calm. When to Call Your Doctor- Gas isn’t always a laughing matter. To ensure something more serious isn’t going on, seek immediate medical attention if you have severe pain without improvement for more than 30 minutes, or constipation for more than one week. Otherwise, choose the remedies that work best for your lifestyle. “So pace yourself and keep a healthy and positive attitude as it relates to your diet and exercise.”
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Question: i have the problem of gas what should I do
Answer: Gastric problem is normal in pregnancy and it may cause of cramps in stomach. One of the more effective ways to remedy gas during pregnancy is to monitor your diet. The hormone progesterone is one of the main causes of excess gas during pregnancy. As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body. This includes the muscles of your intestine. Slower moving intestine muscles mean that your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence. 1. Drink plenty of fluids 2. Stay active and do walk and yoga. 3. Cut down gassy foods like potatoes, wheat,  broccoli,egg plant etc. 4. Rich fibre food intake, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. Light meal often and moderate amount. 6. Fennel seeds and buttermilk for easy digestion.. 7. Eat smaller meals more frequently instead, which not only helps reduce gas but also can help control your blood sugar levels. 8. Slow down how fast you eat. The faster you eat, the more likely you will swallow air with your food, contributing to gas. 9. For serious gas, please consult your doctor she might prescribe an anti-gas medication for proper treatment.
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Question: Hi, i have gas problem after delivery. What to do?
Answer: During pregnancy your body goes through lot of changes and it won't stop after delivery also. Gas problem is one of the common problem that you might have after delivery. To aviod gas problem drink plenty of water at least eight to 10 glasses a day.Warm liquids, like herbal tea or warm lemon water, each morning. It will reduce gas formation throughout the day. Get as much rest as possible. Keep your head in elevated position while sleeping. Have fibre rich food like fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. This will reduce gas problem.
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