17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have done my nt scan at 14 week 6 days and in the scan report nt scan was 0.0mm is it risky for baby??

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Answer: Dear your nt scan results is low which means baby dont have any risk of any abnormalities. So don't worry ..
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    nargis Fatima608 days ago


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Question: I have done NT scan in 12 week 4 days, the nasal bone was absent and after that in triple marker the report indicated low risk. Now i am 14 week pregnant is it the case of down syndrome
Answer: Hi dear, Post triple marker test,if you still are at low risk,then amino test can be done to rule out anything.however,it is totally on your wish.
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Question: I have done NT scan and my babies NT in 2.12 mm .Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear NT scan measurement below 3mm is totally normal. So, no need to Worry.
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