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Question: I have done embryo transfer on 4/02/19 and beta hcg 639 on 18/02/19. On 22 spotting and I admitted on hospital. On 22/02 my beta hcg was 1110. On 27/02 I have done ultrasound and yolksac seen. But my beta hcg was only 2188. I am very tensed

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Answer: Dear dont get tensed yourhcg count is increasing which is a good sign and indicates that baby is growing . Moreover hcg above 2000 is at 6 week pregnancy. So dont worry stay relaxed and take proper rest and medication if your doctor has prescribed any.
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    sreekala chirakkara845 days ago

    Thank you aswani for your positive reply

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Question: My embryo transfer was on 14 nov and my beta hcg test was done 29 nov its come positive around 3013 . tomorrow is my ultrasound but i have no symptoms... Nly today i had severe back pain...is it normal??
Answer: Back pain is normal in pregnancy and be cool for your 1st ultra sound..... Don't get tensed...If you are felling back pain you take rest for some time and don't get up suddenly and don't lift the weights.....All the best for your 1st ultrasound dear
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Question: Hello, l have done my embryo transfer on 17th June ,the embryo was day 3 embryo, my beta hcg test done on 1st July and the report was 360mIU/ml what are the chances for me
Answer: Anything above 100 is said to be positive.. may be do the test again after 3 days. If the value has increased really well, then it should be fine ... Mine was 2400 something on the 14th day HCG test.
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Question: My embryo transfer was done on 12jan2018. The hcg level on 12th day was 140 and 14th day was 340. How many days am I pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally the pregnancy time period is calculated from your last menstrual period date.no matter when was the embryo been transferred etc.my cousin sister had IVF and for her too it was calculated from the LMP.so please provide your LMP.as per the app you are 6 weeks pregnant.
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