12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have done IVF 5 days embryo transfer on sep1st ... Done nt scan on 11 weeks 3 days.... Nt value was 1.8mm but doctor said it's risk so I suggested for double marker test... I feel scared...

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Answer: Hello dear. Hope you are doing well. I understand your concern. Don't worry your doctor would take care, just be positive and happy. This double marker blood test is done and both the combined, and given a combined result as screen positive or negative. So just wait and always be happy. Take care.
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Question: Can i done nt test and double marker test in 11 week 6 days...
Answer: Hello dear. The NT scan must be done when you're between 11 and 14 weeks pregnant. Double marker test is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. Take care.
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Question: Hi after NT scan value of 1.8, doc havent suggested double marker test. Is that fine?
Answer: The normal range of NT scan is 1.3 - 2.9 mm. This test helps to identify chromosomal abnormalities like congenital heart diseases and down's syndrome. since the NT scan showed no abnormalities the doctor have not suggested double marker test. Nothing to worry about it. Usually test or scans are suggested based on the requirement especially there is a doubt regarding certain aspect.
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Question: Hi. Should double marker test and NT scan be done on the same day? I got my NT scan done 10 days back can i still use the results of NT for double marker now?
Answer: Hi, yes it can be done. Also you can use your 10 before NT test report to do the double marker test. There is nothing to worry about.
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