7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have confirmed my pregnancy... I have only a little back pain while working in kitchen... No other symptoms are there.... What should i do... Is this common..

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Answer: Some ppl will not have any symptoms throughout the pregnancy so enjoy your time don't worry it's common
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Question: While only walking I have little minor pain in lower abdomen what should I do is it common
Answer: As the baby grow it puts pressure on your lower abdomen and vaginal part, due to this weight you feel like paining while walking, if you feel more discomfort or pain consult gynaecologist
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Question: Hello I have back pain no other symptoms. What shud I do
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry mild back pain is quite normal during this time..I'm giving u some simple tricks which may help u .maintain good poistures like stand straight n tall,hold ur chest high.avoid using high heels ,sleep on your side don't by back,u can also use cold or heat pad to reduce the pain.Thank you.
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Question: This is my 6 week running, there are no other pregnancy symptoms except nausea . Is it common
Answer: Yes it's completely normal to not get pregnancy symptoms you are having nausea because of formula is changed so don't worry I didn't had any kind of symptom unless I was 8th month of pregnant
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