26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completing 6 months by 7th March. 4 days back admitted in hospital for high BP. 100 and 160. With the medication it is coming down and there is a variation. In case doctors suggested for delivery. How would be the baby.

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Question: My BP is high 100 (down ) it should be 90.Dr suggested to test after 2 days suggest ways how can I balance it in 2 days ?
Answer: do not hurry, it is not about treating wrong, it is very important to treat it because b.p fluctuation causes complication in pregnancy, in high b.p it is important to restrict salt and sugar-- both white component. in two days b.p cannot be treated, please see your gynae and do not fear.
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Question: What would be the BP in 1st month of pregnancy? Mine is 150/100 is it okay or high?
Answer: Hi,your bp is certainly on the higher side.yoh should check and Moni the levels twice a week and should consuult to the dr.you should also maintain your diet Reduce the intake of salts in your food. You should avoid fried and oily food and packed food. Avoid caffeine. Have plain nuts instead of salty nuts. Take small walks.this should help.
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Question: 34 weeks delivery suggested by doctors due to sugars and hi bp. Will it be safe for baby to be delivered so early
Answer: Hello! Though delivery prior too 37weeks is considered to be preterm, but sometimes it is important to get the delivery before 37weeks. Hence go as per the doctor. Take care
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