29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I have completed 29 weeks of pregnancy. Pls suggest can I take pineapple juice now.

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Question: Can i have pineapple juice during 8 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Hi darling, congratulations on your pregnancy. Pineapple is a safe, healthy choice during pregnancy. Someone might have told you to avoid this fruit because it may cause early miscarriage, or bring on labor. But this is an old wives' tale. There's no scientific evidence to support that pineapple is dangerous during pregnancy. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to help soften your cervix and bring on labor. ... One pineapple contains a very small amount of bromelain. You would need to eat as many as eight pineapples for it to have any effect.
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Question: Can i take pineapple juice now??
Answer: Hi! Pineapple has a few enzyme which helps in dilating your cervix since you are 31 weeks pregnant now I don't think it is a wise decision to start having Pineapple juice from now on however if you want to keep having Pineapple juice you can talk to your doctor and if you doctor permits then only you can have.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i take pineapple juice now
Answer: Hii.. No it's not good for pregnant mother. So avoid it. You take it after delivery. Take care.
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