1 months old baby

Question: I have cold as i am breastfeeding how can i protect my kid from cold. He is just 1 month old

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Answer: hi , It's fine to breastfeed your baby when you have a cold. Cold viruses can't be transmitted through breast milk. In fact, the antibodies in your breast milk will build up her immune system and help protect her from getting sick. ... Breastfeeding should not be interrupted due to a cold. Just ensure that you take precautions of covering your nose etc or not sneezing in open when close to your baby.
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Question: I have 1 month old kid. He is suffering from cold n cough. Please suggest the home remide...
Answer: Hie Following are a few remedies that can help your baby  Slice up a fresh onion and keep in near your baby sulfur content in onion draws out mucus and fluid in r body . Run a humidifier through the room to help moisten the air and help baby breathe You may keep a bowl of hot water with 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil to it to help relieve congestion. Saline water drops 1-2 drops in each nostril shall help loosen up the mucus and expel it from your babys body . Add 1-2 drops of eucalyptus oil to a tissue paper and keep it near baby to help breathe . Elevate your babys head with the help of a pillow to help him breathe and drain down mucus. Add 2 spoons of ajwain to a cotton cloth heat it on a tava and check on your inner wrist for temperature is mild warm apply on your baby's chest ,neck and nose . Gently dab for 3-5 mins and cover your baby, hold him upright and gently Pat his back to break congestion. Came across a doctor who prescribe Mucolite it's an mucus thinner which works by thinning the mucos and draining it out of baby body by poop It took a 3-4 days but I'd worked The quantity would depend on the weight so would suggest consult your pediatrician regarding same . Apart from that Massage your baby with a mustard oil heated on a low flame with 4-5  garlic cloves Drain and apply when mild warm And ensure you cover him well once you massage him with the oil Also rub oil onto his chest, palms and feets and put on tshirt, mittens and socks to trap the heat
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Question: How can i protect my baby from cold
Answer: Keep the baby warm always by covering with blankets, caps etc If the weather is chill you might have to put on gloves and socks also Whenever the baby wets it clothes make sure to change it, change diapers depending on the wetness levels Feeding the baby well also helps as mother's milk contains all nutrition and immunity
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Question: I am breastfeeding my 1 month old baby. I have cold now, will my baby too get cold through my milk? Can i breastfeed him as usual?
Answer: Yes definitely your baby will get cold too through your breast milk so cure your cold through home remedy or else go to doctor and consult and take the tablets or tonic what the doctor gives you to take.
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